Protecting Your Information

Privacy Policy 


We maintain very little information because, for data security reasons, most data is sent by the list owner direct to the letter shop (for direct mail) or to the client for telemarketing or the client’s service bureau for any e-mail deployment. Thus we don’t receive much information.


We have no information on anyone regarding:

1. Date of birth

2. Social security number

3. Driver’s license number

4. Insurance information

5. Credit

6. Medical Record

7. Ethnicity

8. Buying behaviors

9. Personal interests

10. Employment history

11. Marital status

12. Length of Residence

13. Home owner Vs renter

14. Education

15. Political party

16. Vehicle Registration

17. Web tracking, on line behavior etc.


For the cases where we do have information, it contains name address and possibly a phone number or (rarely) an e-mail address.

We use trusted and experienced vendors in every aspect of our market research program who protect your personal information. These vendors have expertise protecting much more confidential information than what you share with us, but we take protecting your data very seriously.
The vendor(s) we select for a client is determined by their expertise and in-depth knowledge of a particular demographic or audience type. Over the years we have learned which sources are more trustworthy and accurate and go to this core of vendors first.

All data sent by our vendors to our clients is encrypted and sent via FTP. All data sent to our clients by us is encrypted and password protected.
Any potential client of ours is vetted before we agree to work them.

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