Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Market Research Associates?
We are a small privately held, market research company located in Vermont and undertake various market research and writing projects. Our mailing address is PO Box Danville VT 05828. Our e-mail address is

How long have you been in business?
Market Research Associates, Inc was incorporated May 17, 2011. We have a background in doing market research for over 20 years.

How do you do market research?
First we consult with the client to determine exactly who they want to reach for their offer. This includes learning about our client’s demographics and behaviors of their ideal customer to help us match the right offer to the right audience. The more we know about who our client wants to reach the better results can be achieved in our market research.
With that information we then review the expertise of our preferred sources of data in a particular areas and match up what the client is looking for with the right source(s) of data. We use a core of well-known and trusted vendors that we have worked with for years.


How is information collected on individuals?
We live in an information driven society. Publicly sourced information is collected from deed records and many similar public sources including court records. Private information may be collected when a credit card is used in a transaction, survey data that an individual has filled out, or membership in buying clubs, store loyalty cards or on-line behavior.


What is done with the information that is collected on individuals?
Various laws control how personal information is used. For example, the sharing of medical information is governed by the Health Insurance Portability Act or HIPAA. Access to credit information on an individual is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting act or FCRA.

Marketing companies may use privately gathered personal information to help target a specific offer to a specific individual that appears to meet an individual’s interest. If you clicked on a web site, filled out a survey, marketers may use that information to send you offers that they believe will be of interest to you based on the information you provided in the survey, or your on-line behavior.


How can I opt out or control the information being gathered on me?
As mentioned above, the sharing of credit and health information is regulated by FRCA you can learn more about that here: This link can also take you to the various credit reporting agencies.


Medical information is governed by HIPAA. You can find out more about that here:

To control the types of direct mail you receive go here:

To register with the Do Not Call go here:

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