Market Research Associates

Market Research Associates, Inc. is a small privately held market research firm that seeks to help companies find new clients. The more you can help us identify the demographic of your ideal new customer or client, the better of a job we can do for you.
We research publicly available data and act as a data broker/ list broker to obtain prospects for you that based on our research should benefit from your services.

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California Residents:

Are you in our, or our client’s database? Click here to go to see what information is in our system, manage it and or have it deleted. Or call toll free 1-833-495-0111.

All other residents:

Are you in our database? Send an e-mail to with Opt Out in the subject line. We will only need your name, address and phone number to determine if you are in our database and we will delete your information and send you a confirmation. Or call toll free 1-833-495-0111. If requested, we will put you on our suppression file so if we rent your information your information will not be provided.

Market Research Associates, Inc.
PO Box 100
Danville VT 05828